Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yuni, Janda Manis Denpasar

Nowadays, women are not just waiting for her boyfriend proposed. According to recent surveys, 1 in 10 women in England dared to ask his girlfriend to marry him.

Excerpted from Your Tango, a survey was made by Swoon dating site. The survey involved 1500 adults. From the survey also revealed, 3 / 4 female respondents who had actually proposed to his girlfriend expect men who make such applications.

The survey also showed Britons are now lost in the affairs keromantisannya apply. Only one in five men are still applied in the traditional way, such as the knees. Half of male respondents admitted they were only takes a few days to plan for such applications.

Applying scenes a la Hollywood movie is now also no longer used him to propose his girlfriend. The proof is one of seven male respondents admitted they apply for their loved one at home, not in other romantic places.

Romance Harley Street therapist responded to the survey results. He said there are several causes why the romance began to disappear in an application process.

"One reason is the recession," he said. "At current spending should be tightened, so people lose their dreams and find romance with a cheaper way," he said.

Street also saw today was proposed by traditional means such as knees began to be less popular. The man is now proposed to his girlfriend in a more real and they think it convenient to be done.

"My message to those who would apply, the location is not important, but the timing. Apply it when the mood perfectly, it would surely be an unforgettable romantic moment," explained Street.