Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mona, Janda Muda Kesepian

Prepare to enter the world of marriage is more important than preparing for the wedding itself. If the preparation has been steady but you yourself are not ready, then everything will be in vain. Learn tips to prepare themselves before marriage, told from Yourtango.

1. Financial control
Money is very important, not infrequently also money can cause contention in the marriage. If during your courtship and the couple spend much money for a date, now you have to control the money well in order to pay household bills. Create an agreement on how much money should be paid and who pays. It's good this is discussed with the couple before the wedding so that no misunderstandings later on.

2. Learning to Communicate With Good
Effective communication is necessary in a relationship. If there is any communication, so that complicated problems can arise. Remember, expect your partner know your desire by itself, was not a good way to communicate. Try to continue to improve ways of speaking and listening are good that your partner understands what you want and what does not.

3. Having a Relationship with God
One of the foundation of marriage is God. When you and your spouse give promise of marriage, you both are dealing with the Almighty. Marry for the purpose of worship, can certainly help to convince yourself to face the world of weddings.