Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Indah, Janda Seksi Semarang


1. Determine Date and Time Wedding
2. Paperwork, administration and look for the prince / Pastor
3. Choosing the Ring, dowry and his Ubo Rampe
4. Collecting Name and Address invitations
5. Survey and Selects Place (Home or House) with the following considerations:
a. Area and location capacity
b. Parking
c. Security
d. Comfort
e. Hygiene
f. Water
g. Electricity, etc.
6. Aligning the number of invitations to the wedding location
7. Pre wedding photos
8. Survey and determine what kind of food / menu, for example:
a. Cook for themselves
b. Rent a cook
c. Catering etc.
9. Friendship to the people who elected, for example:
a. Relatives, Friends or Neighbors
b. Cleric, Pastor or religious elders
10. Create Budget Plan Fees and Expenses List
11. Choosing & Setting Wedding Themes, eg:
a. How to Yogyakarta / Solo / Muslim / European / Chinesse
b. Shades of Green, Red, Blue, White, etc.
c. Standing Party / Ramesan / Combination of Both
12. Making Committee, for example:
a. Wedding Organizer
b. Family Members
c. Neighbors / Youth, etc.
13. Creating A series Procession Guidebook and Events
14. Division of Duties and Responsibilities
(Part of the Equipment Committee to Desk)
15. Print invitations and spread the invitation
16. Setting up a package delivery
17. Health check to the doctor
a. Eat and rest
b. Relax and Stay Calm
18. Accommodations care of guests from out of town
a. Hotel
b. Cars, etc.
19. Compile a list of required photos (family, friends, relatives)
20. Taking care of leave / holiday
21. Finding or Order
a. Tent or House
b. Manten dressing, made-up list
c. Uniform (Uniform Families, Among Guests, Guest Book, Domas, etc.)
d. Photographer and Videographer
e. Sound system
f. Electrical
g. Main MC, MC Handover, MC Speech, etc.
h. Book list of attendees / book tamnu and Souvenirs
i. Entertainment (Solo Orgent, Mix, Dance Frame drums, etc.)
j. Clothes manten
k. Decoration: the bridal suite, wedding, Akad Nikah / Sacrament Church, Hand Bouquet, Bleketepe, etc.
l. Transport (motorcycles, pick ups, station, bus drivers, etc.)
m. Car manten

22. Rehearsals Net (cross-checking a whole) should be clear communication between:
a. Committee & Sinoman
b. Implementing Field, for example: Salon / Makeup, Catering, Tent, House
c. Host
23. Avoid conflict and solve problems
24. Prepare communication tools, eg:
a. HP cultivated pulse is always there
b. Home Phone
c. A good signal
25. Completed Events
a. Cleaning up the affairs
b. Sending a thank you, apologize or give a gift to all who have helped
26. Honey Moon / Honeymoon