Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hana, Janda Nakal Bandung

Before the wedding, the bride is not uncommon to hit nerves, stress or panic. They worry whether the marriage will go smoothly or not.

It was very reasonable. But you need to do is remain calm and confident that you and your partner are doing their best and make sure everything runs smoothly. How to keep quiet? When the wedding day is near, here's what you should do, as quoted from the All Women stalk.

1. Live Events with Normal
Stress ahead of a marriage can be overcome by taking your normal activities, such as those carried out daily. Minimum one day before the wedding, Soak in warm water, yoga, meditation, jogging or reading the paper that you normally do every morning. Doing things 'normal' in everyday life, will help keep the focus on one thing thus reducing the tension in the face of today 'H' next day.

2. Eating breakfast is Right
When panicked, appetite is usually reduced. Although you do not feel hungry, try to fill the stomach but only slightly. Eating can be one way to stay cool welcome your wedding day. Eat foods containing carbohydrates and protein. Loaf of bread with peanut butter, omelets, yogurt, cereal or fruit may be the right choice. Eat in the morning before the ceremony or the wedding ceremony.

3. Create Schedule
To avoid the things that do not want the wedding day, make a list of purposes or activities of your own schedule. In addition to making sure everything was in order, also can divert a panic. The list you can make a few days before the wedding. Write down important phone numbers (the prince, building, catering, wedding organizer, etc.), what time you have to get in place, the schedule of events, invited guests who are expected to come, and so on.

4. Come Early
Come to the building or place of marriage two hours early before the event. This free time can be used to check the makeup, check if there are seams or buttons are released on a wedding dress, or the last settings for shooting. If there are bridesmaids, have them come earlier than you. For example there are two bridesmaids, then they should come four hours earlier. They also have makeup and dress accordingly.

5. Do it Yourself
Although many people who help prepare your wedding, there are certain things a lot better if you take care of itself. For instance event schedule (can be discussed together with the wedding organizer), make sure the wedding ring was taken from the store, or check whether the wedding dress was neat. That way, you do not need menglhawatirkan little things during the wedding day arrives.

6. Drinking Water
Drink water as much as possible for you to be free from dehydration and provide drinks are always near you. This will make you breathe in a more orderly and calm.

7. Listen to Music
When the big day, try to listen to music from your iPod or MP3 Player. But do not play when you're up one minute before the wedding or marriage ceremony. Listen to music while you dimake-up, or wear a wedding dress.