Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Susan, Janda Muda Amoy

Shalwar-Kameez (urdu/farsi: شلوار قمیض), is one of the traditional dresses that are traditionally worn by the women in Pakistan and Bangladesh. But since the 20th century, women in Southern India have also copied this dress complementing the Sari, the traditional dress of India. The outfit comprises of a kameez (shirt), salwar (trousers) and dupatta/chunni (stole).

The salwar can be taken to mean loosely-fit pajama-like trousers, with an in-built string, at the waist level, for tying purposes.

The kameez can be described as a long shirt of tunic length, which might have short, long or no sleeves. It comprises of chaak (side seams below the waist-line) and usually reaches the knees which give the wearer greater freedom of movement.

On a female, the shalwar kameez ensemble is completed by wearing a dupatta/chunni, a loose scarf like a stole, which is either hung on the shoulder or slung across the neck.