Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rosita, Janda Blasteran Surabaya

All prospective bride would want to get the perfect wedding, according to his dream. However, sometimes to get a dream wedding is blocked by the budget. For those who want to save on wedding expenses, you can follow these tips:

Press invitation costs
You can cut costs by pushing the cost of wedding invitations. How to create your own invitations. You can design and print your own, or ask the help of close friends who are good in design problems. In order to facilitate the design of the invitation, choose the form of postcards and more diligent in searching for designs on the internet.

Choose fruits than flowers
Flowers to decorate your wedding may be used and the results ultimately will not be used. To obtain a unique wedding, why not try to use fruits instead of flowers. Fruits can be used up after a party vendors pernikahan.Konsultasikan with decorations or wedding planner about the idea of fruit in lieu of flowers.

traditional cuisine
Do not forget the traditional cuisine, as long as your area. Traditional cuisine in addition to more expensive because the ingredients readily available, are also better suited to the tongue of the invited guests. You also helped preserve the region's own wealth.

Hire the services of a CD player
Compared to hire a band for entertainment, you can choose to play your favorite songs through the CD player.